Battle of the Beers 2014


Beach Ambassadors would like to congratulate the brewers who placed in the 2014 Battle of the Beers!

Best IPA

1st place – O’Connor Brewing Company – Lil’ SIPA

2nd place – Smartmouth Brewing Company – Notch 9

3rd place – Back Bay Brewing – Atlantic Ave IPA

Best Seasonal

1st place – AleWerks Brewing Company – Coffeehouse Stout

2nd place – Brass Cannon Brewing – Winter Warmer

3rd place – Smartmouth Brewing Company – Mispelt

Best in Show

1st place – Young Veterans Brewing Company – Semper Fi.P.A.

2nd place – Back Bay Brewing – Witch of Pungo

3rd place – Smartmouth Beer – Notch 9

 Click play to hear audio of Beer Friday on FM-99.  Good stuff!